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Power Train Plus is owned and operated by two generations of automotive enthusiasts, native to the Gallatin Valley. With almost 50 years of combined experience in the general automotive and diesel repair, along with performance and custom vehicle building and outfitting, there isn’t much we can’t handle. From general maintenance on daily drivers and “first vehicles”, to complete, classic custom builds and late model performance modifications, our dedication to perfect customer service is unmatched.
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Power Train Plus and Perfomance

Over the the last few decades, Power Train Plus has built a loyal customer base, with families entrusting their vehicles to the shop for generations. The shop’s reputation for honesty, reliability, and exceptional workmanship continued to grow, attracting customers from near and far.

In 2023, Power Train Plus celebrated its 30th anniversary, a testament to the shop’s enduring legacy. Today, it remains a pillar of the Bozeman and Belgrade community, known not only for its automotive expertise but also for its commitment to customer service and community involvement.

As the years pass, Power Train Plus continues to adapt and evolve, staying true to its founding principles while embracing technological advancements. Our family and team of skilled technicians carry on the legacy, providing reliable, efficient, and honest automotive repairs to the people of The Gallatin Valley and beyond.

Power Train Plus is more than just an automotive repair shop; it’s a symbol of dedication, passion, and community spirit. It has become an integral part of the fabric in our community, a place where customers can trust their vehicles to be taken care of with the utmost care and professionalism.

And so, the story of Power Train Plus continues to be written, one satisfied customer and repaired vehicle at a time.

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Power Train Plus

PowerTrain Plus is Gallatin County’s premier automotive shop. We serve Bozeman, Belgrade, and beyond. General automotive, diesel repair, and more.

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Power Train Plus
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jason veitchjason veitch
16:04 18 Sep 23
We had a work truck go down. It was diagnosed and repaired on time . communication was great . Highly recommend for great service and knowledge
Michael WattierMichael Wattier
19:13 14 Sep 23
Excellent service!!!
Tyler StevensTyler Stevens
20:11 12 Sep 23
David BrissetteDavid Brissette
23:23 11 Sep 23
I'll start by saying that Cameron is a really humble guy and seems to be decent, I just seemed to get the short end of the stick with my experience with him. I recently bought a 2015 supercharged mustang that I assume has a vacuum leak as it's running lean and rich and the idle is pretty eratic. Power train plus was recommended to me so I figured I didn't have anything to worry about,I called there shop and spoke to the front office guy (or so I assume) and he scheduled me 2 weeks out from the date I called. 2 weeks go by and I take my car down it's a hour and a half away. It's a Wednesday and the office guy told me they would be working on it all day Thursday and I would be able to get it that Friday well I call that Friday and am told by the office guy that they had a burn. Out competition and we're in the middle of installing a 4 post lift and they didn't do anything yet and that they would get to it that Monday well call them that following Tuesday for them to tell me (oh he has it on the dyno and they'd will get to ut first thing in the morning) so all day Wednesday goes by no call or update so I call them 20 mins before closing on Thursday and they say the same thing (oh he has it on the dyno) then I get a call back asking for my email and all they did was do a power run with my car on the dyno without looking over anything on the engine when I clearly stated that I think something mechanical is going on and they tell me they did a pull on the dyno but didn't data log it. So at this pint I'm pretty upset and call and finally get to talk to Cameron and Word for word he says "I don't know how to work on these cars and I'm not going to fake it till I make it" so at thisnpint I'm just mad and wondering why I even took my car down there in the first place and he says "what do you expect you didn't have an appointment" when I waited 2 WEEKS!! to bring it down there SO LONG STORY SHORT I GOT CHWRGED 525 DOLLARS for them to tell me what power my car is pushing when I literally brought them a dyno slip that wasn't even from 2k miles ago and changed my blower oil when I stated that was the last thing I wa ted done if they had time. They charged me 300 dollars to rack my car up and do 1 pull and I didn't benefit anything out of this and lost 500 dollars for absolutely nothing. They clearly lack communication between the shop guys and office guys because they would each tell me 2 different things. I'd like my 300 bucks back for the waisted dyno run that did absolutely nothing for me.
Scott PrayScott Pray
23:26 05 Sep 23
A well organized professional business taking all the right steps to provide quality service with well trained mechanics. I highly recommend them. So much better than taking my truck to the local dealer.
Cameron DevenerCameron Devener
23:57 04 Sep 23
Jack PoellerJack Poeller
02:55 31 Aug 23
Last spring I purchased a 2007 Silverado 1500 Crewcab from Power Train Plus Performance.Cameron had just put a brand new high performance engine into the vehicle. Needless to say, the truck has a lot of added horsepower and torque. I love the truck and highly reccomend their shop if you need a new engine or upgrade to your vehicle. Cameron and Stacy have built a great business and team to service your needs
P. S.P. S.
07:39 25 Aug 23
Two years ago I had a revelation while driving through Rocky Canyon, the narrow winding route between the Bear Canyon and Jackson Creek exits east of Bozeman, in my 1969 Firebird: safe driving speed in a 1960s car is a dicey prospect when everyone else is driving 70-80 mph through those curves. Over the last two years, I’ve had Power Train Plus do two rounds of work on my car. First, they installed a T-56 six-speed transmission and 3.90 limited-slip gears. Then, four-wheel fully adjustable suspension with C7 Corvette disc brakes all around, 17-in wheels and tires, new steering, AC, and a 455. The guys at Power Train Plus did an amazing job, and I couldn’t be happier with the car. It's now set up for pro-touring: 80 miles an hour at 2300 rpm, able to take curved roads at ease at that speed, plenty of grunt to pull in sixth gear, and with the AC blasting the whole time. The twists and turns of Rocky Canyon are now a joy to drive.
Diane SikkemaDiane Sikkema
23:38 01 Aug 23
I give them five stars for helping us out in a pinch!! I recommend them to anyone looking for help with their vehicles. Very friendly and helpful. Thank you Power Train!
Sandra GaskinSandra Gaskin
02:31 22 Jul 23
Fast and thorough. Very nice people.
Matt ElwellMatt Elwell
18:06 20 Jul 23
These guys are great! Brakes and rotors were done for a reasonable price and they had me out in no time. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Very honest group and they don’t push services that aren’t needed!
Larry GrantierLarry Grantier
20:02 29 Jun 23
People were great as they were able to schedule us in a timely manner! They were able to diagnose my 03 ford f350 and have it repaired the same day. Pretty awesome!
John BadenJohn Baden
23:07 22 Jun 23
Wonderful shop always trusted never disappointed not yet had a complaint after 7 years
Daniel FisherDaniel Fisher
22:29 25 May 23
Good guys. Their prices are very reasonable in comparison to others called. They were able to see me the day I called and fixed the problem on the same day. Thank you. Everywhere else I called had a minimum 2 week wait.
Ersin OzerErsin Ozer
17:08 22 May 23
A+ work, A+ service, quality, and reasonable pricing. My Tundra will always be worked on here. Stacey and his team replaced my lower ball joints and struts in the same day. I trust them, and they keep my truck in great shape to drive my family around.
Michaela DagenaisMichaela Dagenais
04:26 13 Apr 23
When I was having problems with my car, I called Power Train and they got me in really fast. They communicated with me through out the day to give me updates and before moving forward with any repairs, they took the time to explain everything that was going on with my car. Not once did they pressure me into the repairs, just gave me the information I needed to make a well informed decision. They eased a lot of the anxiety I was having about bringing my car in to a shop, especially as a young woman.You can trust Power Train to do honest work. I will definitely be going back to them in future. They genuinely care about their customers, and are knowledgeable and experienced in their field. Thank you for all your help! Shout out to Stacey and Scott for taking extra care and consideration with my questions and concerns. I appreciate you!
Elizabeth ShultsElizabeth Shults
01:58 08 Mar 23
Came to Power Train off a referral from a friend. Was not disappointed. Service was quick, thorough, and repairs came in under the estimate! Will definitely be using them again!
Nick JohnsonNick Johnson
21:20 25 Feb 23
I have a snow plowing business and the water pump in my 2006 Dodge Ram decided to go out on me. Power Train was able to get me in and fixed very quickly. Im sure it wasn't very easy working on my truck with a snow plow in the way, but they got it done very quickly and I was extremely happy to get back to work with it. I want to thank the mechanic and everyone who helped. I will definitely be coming back in the future. Thank you!
Stephanie HillStephanie Hill
01:51 24 Feb 23
I can't say enough about how impressed we are with Cameron and the entire crew with how we were treated. We had been looking for a place to tune our son's new to him 2004 suburu WRX and wasn't having much luck. Talked with Cameron and found out they could do it. Needless to say this WRX had some gremlins. We were contacted every step of the way with quotes on parts and labor every time another issue arose. THANK YOU to the entire team at Power Train Plus! This is an unbelievably professional shop with top quality technicians!!
Mike RolandMike Roland
20:36 07 Dec 22
Immaculate interior detail on my 08 Toyota. Like new car feel and smell in it again and when living 3 miles in on a dirt road things never stay clean. Looks and feels better than when I bought it! Thank you!
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